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Magician Jacksonville FL

Trade Show Magician


Magician JULIUS MAGIC is among the most popular and highest rated trade show magicians in Jacksonville, FL.    

He performs trade show and promotional magic entertainment for businesses, corporations, organizations, and associations that is interactive and easy to set up.

Magician Jacksonville FL

Promote your business

Attract more visitors to your trade show booth.  Delight and keep them laughing with our close up trade show magic entertainment.

Your prospects will enjoy a great magical experience with plenty of interaction, audience participation and lots of laughs at your trade show or convention.


Look great & feel relaxed

You will have no worries. 

Your visitors will love their magician.

You'll see your propects laughing, feeling happy and very special.

Let's make your next event a fun, amazing, smash success hit!

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Trade Show Booth Traffic Enhancement


Enhance your company's visibility

Congratulations, you're getting ready to  promote your business at a trade show.  Putting together a successful  trade show booth that runs smoothly and gets plenty of traffic is tough  work!  

Attract more prospects to your booth

We recommend choosing excellent trade show booth entertainment.   Hiring a clean, funny, likable, and professional corporate entertainer like magician Julius Magic is a great idea to enhance your company's visibility and attract more prospects to your booth.  

Make it memorable

The thing that event attendees  usually remember the most about a trade show or business convention, besides their wonderful colleagues and networking friends, is the  entertainment.  People  love to experience magic & mind reading that is close up and  personal. 

Break the ice

Everyone will witness state of the art  magic presentations inches  away from them at all times.  This entertainment breaks the ice and relaxes trade show attendees, and brings both the customers and the  trade show booth staff together right away! 

Keep your customers laughing and talking

Just think of the importance of getting your customers talking and  laughing, especially if you're slightly tied up speaking to another booth visitor. 

Your audience will smile and be  amazed as they witness colorful, lively magic and illusions with  messages customized to your product or service.

  • Create jaw-dropping moments.
  • Make your event more  memorable.
  • Enjoy a remarkable event experience.  
  • Keep your guests and  audience laughing.  
  • Achieve engagement and audience participation.    

Have no worries, feel relaxed and look great for hiring magician Julius Magic!

Break Outdated Trade Show Marketing Rules

On the date of the event, Julius will show your on-site staff a sample set  of what he can do to attract and amaze your audience.  Working together, we will take your trade show presence to the next level and keep your staff engaged and full of enthusiasm.

With over fifteen years of strong, nationwide award-winning business to business technology sales experience, Julius highly recommend you break the  traditional rules of trade-show marketing.  Keep the focus on your company and practical results driven initiatives. 

We recommend you spend your valuable trade show dollars on your  customers first point of impact.  Do what really matters.  Focus on the  human element and create connections.

  • We will ask the right questions.
  • We'll brainstorm and find the most  common elements of your current customers and help your booth staff to look for them. 

Your company demands results.  The bottom line is that every decision you  make in your trade-show must produce measurable results.  

Let Julius help you:

♣ Attract a record sized crowd to your booth.

♠ Communicate your sales message so it is understood.

♥ Amaze your prospects so you will be remembered.

♦ Measure success in quality/quantifiable leads

Let's schedule some time to speak so we can hit a bull's eye on your goals & objectives.

Trade Show Magician in Jacksonville FL

Trade Show & Business Promotion


Enhance your company's visibility and attract more prospects to your booth. Break the ice, relax attendees, and introduce your trade show booth staff.    

Corporate Event


Your guests will love our interactive, close up, mingling or stand up magic entertainment.  Perfect for your 

receptions, dinner parties, and corporate events.

Special & Private Occasions


Hiring magician JULIUS MAGIC is a great idea for any occasion:  awards banquets, holiday parties, wedding receptions, fundraisers, and galas, etc.

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A magician is a great idea for your party or corporate event!

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JULIUS MAGIC - Magician - Jacksonville, FL

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