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Magician Jacksonville FL

Clean, close up magic with lots of laughs!

Magician JULIUS MAGIC Jacksonville, FL


Magician Julius Magic performs close up magic shows & magic entertainment for children, families. adults, and businesses.  All ages will enjoy his clean, fun, visual, engaging, highly participative, interactive close up magic illusions with lots of humor and laughs!

Magician Jacksonville FL JULIUS MAGIC

Thrill & amaze your audience with magic

Delight your group and keep them laughing with our close up comedy magic show or mingling magic entertainment.  Enjoy a great magical experience with plenty of humor, interaction, audience participation at your birthday party, special occasion or corporate event.   

Magician Jacksonville FL JULIUS MAGIC

Look great & feel relaxed

You will have no worries.  Your guests will love their magician.  You'll see your guests laughing, feeling happy and very special.  Make your next event a fun, amazing, smash success hit!

Magician Services

Children's Birthday Party

Children's birthday magician entertainment Jacksonville, FL

Your birthday child, family and guests will enjoy a fun, interactive, close up kid's comedy magic show with plenty of participation and lots of laughs!

Adult Birthday Party


Delight your birthday celebrant, family and friends with a hilarious, comedy, close-up magic show with plenty of audience interaction and participation.

Corporate Event


Your guests will love our interactive, close up, mingling or stand up magic entertainment.  Perfect for receptions, dinner parties, and corporate events.

School, Camp, and Child Care


School, summer camp, and child care center magic shows with lots of kid-friendly comedy to keep kids laughing while they're being amazed.

Special & Private Occasions


Hiring magician JULIUS MAGIC is a great idea for any occasion:  awards banquets, holiday parties, wedding receptions, fundraisers, and galas, etc.

Trade Show & Business


Enhance your company's visibility and attract more prospects to your booth. Break the ice, relax attendees, and introduce trade show booth staff.    

6 Year Old's Birthday Party Magic Show Highlights

Magician JULIUS MAGIC in Jacksonville, FL performs children's and family magic shows at birthday parties for all ages. 

Boy's 9th Birthday Party Magic Show - Introduction

Julius promises that your birthday boy or girl and all your guests will feel very special, mystified &  delighted with the magical entertainment that you are providing for them  at your children's or adult's birthday party. 

Summer Camp Magic Show - Magician JULIUS MAGIC

Check out this high energy, interactive magic show entertainment.

Julius amazes these Middle School Summer Campers and their counselors!

Children's birthday party magic show

Julius demonstrates sponge ball magic at a children's birthday party magic show.  

Kid's Birthday party magic show

Julius performs a mysterious, close-up, color changing silk illusion at a children's birthday party.

Rope Magic Trick Demonstration

Hilarious Three Rope Illusion 

(also known as The Professor's Nightmare)

Classic Magic: "Rope through the Body"

This older video shows magician JULIUS MAGIC performing his famous "Rope Through the Body" illusion.

Team Building Sessions - Leadership Development

Highlights from a motivational magic team building event that JULIUS MAGIC presented to kick off an all-day event. 

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